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Programming is one of the art forms

Programming is often perceived as a difficult and boring science.

Programs are written by hand, each line is carefully checked, a general structure is formed step by step, until finally the result begins to meet expectations.

However, there are programmers who set themselves only one goal – to achieve the result as quickly and easily as possible, and do not at all strive to find the best solution for this. In this case, the code turns out to be heaped up with useless constructions, repetitions, strangely named variables … It looks like a drawing of a small child who chaotically moves a pencil over paper. Yes, he will get some kind of picture anyway, but definitely not a great work of art.

The code that works the first time is just a skeleton, a rough sketch. In any case, it needs to be refined, optimized, simplified.

  •    Will it be understood by specialists who will have to service it in the future?
  •    Are the functions well spelled out?
  •    Are all comments relevant?
  •    How accurately do the variable names match their purpose?

If other developers clutch their heads when they see your code, trying to understand the chaos of solid unstructured text, then you have done a poor job. The clearer the code is for most, the better it is. In addition, it will be easier for you to work with it yourself, because, returning to different blocks of the program, you will not think long about what and why you wrote.

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