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Artificial intelligence in real life

Personnel Management

Modern computer algorithms are much better at planning and finding solutions than humans:

Artificial intelligence scans and analyzes thousands of resumes of potential job candidates much faster.

It contributes to an increase in employee retention rates as well as their productivity, which positively affects the performance of the entire organization.

With the help of AI, employers can much more accurately describe the requirements for a future employee and various details of the vacancy (required qualifications, working conditions, etc.), which contributes to a faster search for the most appropriate employees for the position.


There is already an AI-based system in the world that allows you to prevent strokes by sending a warning to the patient’s therapist about a possible threat. But that’s not all. Here are some examples of what smart technology can do for healthcare:

Facilitate work with electronic patient records (filling, storage, accounting).

Make health care more accessible in remote areas and underdeveloped regions.

To increase the accuracy of processing the results of diagnostics and analyzes.

To develop the ability to monitor the health status of each individual patient through wearable personal electronic devices.

Financial sector

Already today, many banks are using AI to provide quality customer support. Also, with the help of smart systems, anomalies are detected and critical situations are prevented. In addition, AI is actively used to detect fraudulent activities with cards.

Financial analysts, having enlisted the support of artificial intelligence, are engaged in market analysis and try to predict its development paths.

AI systems do a great job of doing this because they are capable of processing colossal amounts of data very quickly. In addition, computer algorithms are able to self-learn: using the example of situations that have already happened, they make predictions whether such cases can happen again, and if so, how.

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